How to beat Real Madrid in FIFA 18

Have you followed the advice to win Barça in FIFA 18? If you have followed it to the letter, surely the results will have arrived. But remember also that lowering the level of difficulty to a minimum is a bit of cheating. Now it’s the other way around, what do you think if we send you some to beat Real Madrid. With the Classic just around the corner, the games between these two teams in the game multiply.

The main engine of the white team in FIFA 18 is at the point of attack. Something similar to what happens with Messi, but even enhanced by the best rating that has the offensive trident in general, especially when Neymar made the bags to France.

Benzema, Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are almost invincible in each of their personal styles. To the Portuguese you have to put extra vigilance and anticipate their movements, because if you win in speed, you have nothing to do. Bale is similar in that sense, but has a point of view somewhat more deviated than that of CR7. Benzema, as in reality, is more intermittent.

Messi is the key, Fortunately, if you choose Barça to face Real Madrid, you will have the inestimable help of another of the best players in the world, the Argentine Leo Messi. You will have to throw a lot of it, since the white defense is another of its strengths. Sergio Ramos is among the first in the assessment of FIFA 18, so leaving your mark will be complicated. His dance partner in the Real Madrid behind may be the point to explode. Usually Varane is at his side and, although it has a great speed, it is easier to finish overflowing the French. If Nacho comes out instead, the options are greater.

Although the biggest piece of advice that can be given to win Madrid in FIFA 18 is to shoot on goal. It seems like a truism, but the most obvious weakness of the team is in the goal. Neither do we want to cheat you, Keylor Navas is a magnificent goalkeeper. However, EA Sports does not value its real qualities in the game so positively. For what a shot put of Messi is practically unattainable for the good of Keylor. If you choose the bacrca to face Real Madrid, and you must have the Messi in your team,which may spend your much fifa 18 coins for buying, but you should know the ability is higher for Messi than others, and he has the ability to change the games.